Denver Fugitives Wanted

This is where you will see Images of people that have dishonored themselves and have created hardship for their loved ones! When a defendant decides to abandon their obligation to the court they have also broken a trust between themselves and the friend or family member that was willing to risk financial hardship, property, and standing in the community so the Defendant would have the opportunity to prepare for the case.  Sometimes the Defendant does not care that a friend or family member has helped them by posting their bond… it is an ultimate betrayal of friends and family.

Use this link for information concerning the Apprehension and Seizure of a defendant on bail with a Surety Agent.

When our Recovery Agents picked up this fugitive, he was running around with these open wounds caused by his drug use. He tried to kept them covered with paper towels and tape. He is now in custody and receiving much needed medical attention. For some people Jail can be better than Freedom.